Flower Markers

Colorful, long-lasting markers for your roses, herbs, vegetables and perennials

Colorful, long-lasting

Flower Markers

Flower Markers

Lauren Hallstrom, owner

1835 Sheffield Circle

Elizabeth, CO  80107



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Flower Markers is a small company that started from the love of roses and the design and planting of many flower gardens. Because we planted many varieties of roses, it was hard to remember all of their names. So, we started writing on stakes, but the ink or pencil always disappeared or became unclear soon after.

We visited botanical gardens and noticed their long-lasting markers, but they were expensive and not very colorful. The development of a non-yellowing, clear plastic lens that is water- and sun-resistant made it possible for us to make colorful, long-lasting markers at a reasonable cost so you can have them in your garden to enjoy for many years.

In the fall of 2011, this company changed hands from grandfather to granddaughter. We continue to provide the best quality products and customer service possible.

We manufacture our flower markers in the USA. You may order them directly from us by using our new PayPal shopping cart, or by printing our mail-in order form and mailing it to us with a check.