If we do not have a marker for your specific rose in stock, you may custom order one here. We need at least the rose name and color in order to correctly identify your rose. If you choose, we will also research and include your rose’s hybridization year and origin country. We will design the background color of your marker to match representative photos of the particular rose.

Custom Order Markers

Other Custom Order Markers or Labels

Enter your order here for perennials or other special markers other than rose markers. If your are ordering a special rose marker, please use the ordering area above. We can print up to three lines on your label or marker, but we recommend only two lines for best results. The first line will be printed in a larger font than the others. PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR ENTRIES - YOUR ORDER WILL BE PRINTED WITH THE EXACT TEXT THAT YOU ENTER

HTML Color Picker

If you wish, use this color selector to choose the background color for your marker or label. Enter in the CMYK code (the bottom set of numbers under the selector) for that color in the order form area above. Or, simply state the color you would like in the Notes box. Due to differences in various programs, the color you select may look slightly different on your printed label.

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