Flower Markers

Colorful, long-lasting markers for your roses, herbs, vegetables and perennials

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Great Websites About Roses and Other Flowers

This website is filled with valuable information about convention dates, contests, and how to care for your roses. It also contains great activities for kids including educator’s resources and rose coloring pages.

American Rose Society (ARS)

Find past winning rose selections and learn about how the AARS winners are chosen at the AARS website. You can also find information on how to grow roses in different regions of the country.

All-America Rose Selections

This website for the UK rose society contains information about their gardens and events. Additional information is available to members, including the most recent rose trials and growing advice.

The Royal National Rose Society

Gardening Sites

The GardenWeb

The GardenWeb is a great place to get your questions answered with many helpful blogs and forums.

Garden Guides

Potting Solutions is also owned by the previous owner of Flower Markers. It provides information on potting electronic and electrical devices and encapsulation methods.

Jackson & Perkins Roses

You can choose from a wide selection of roses, perennials, and other gardening items for your garden with this online flower catalog.

This website has articles and discussions about how to garden in general with any kind of plant.

Dome It

Dome It was started by the previous owner of Flower Markers and provides you with resources and ways to dome your flat labels for outdoor resistance, as the labels on our Flower Markers are.

Potting Solutions

Rose Sites

Other Sites of Interest

Edmunds’ Roses

Edmunds’ Roses is a rose catalog that allows you to choose from a wide variety of top-quality rose plants.