Flower Markers

Colorful, long-lasting markers for your roses, herbs, vegetables and perennials

If you have a rose that we do not have a regular marker for, you may special order one here.  We can also make a special order marker for you for any other flower, herb, vegetable or anything else that you wish.

Special markers cost $4.95 each and will ship within 10 business days of receiving your order.

Special Order Markers

Special Order Markers

Depending on our customers’ interest, we are considering adding perennial markers as a regular order.  For now, if you would like perennial markers, you may order them as special order markers.

Perennial Markers

Perennial Markers

Choose one of our four categories of flower markers to see different varieties available.

Flower Markers Products

We have rose markers in stock for over 400 varieties of roses.

All of these “regular” rose markers are only $2.99 each and can be quickly shipped to you.

Regular Rose Markers

We have markers for 23 common varieties of herbs and vegetables.  These are very helpful in your vegetable garden, especially when you plant your herbs and vegetables from seeds and have a hard time remembering what is planted where!

Herb/Veggie Markers